December 29, 2013

Barry’s nephews. L – R
cancer research doctor @ leading university in N.C.; executive chef for country club on one of Charleston’s barrier islands; NDR/ law enforcement in forests, lakes Greenwood- Newberry counties. A tough, but perfect as if made for him, career.
B was so proud of them and their families! The doctor was married later in the month B passed away, the same day Dad had his surgery and it was downhill from there.
The rest of us are adjusting, finding new or renewed interest, in things to care about. And I am thankful.




December 23, 2013

So much wishy washy, timey wimey stuff last night. I’m not going out, not going to try eating San Jose stuff, much as I love it. Going to Rite Aid and Staples instead. blah, blah, blah.
But I did and it was sooo good. Actually had asked for a vodka collins, but the vodka tonic with a cherry was good and clean tasting. We drank something back home with peach schnapps, vodka, a coffee liquor from Aldi their alternative to Bailey’s. And some almond milk.

It’s Holly’s birthday, technically. Twenty five, seems impossible, seems impossible that Barry’s not here for his little girl’s birthday.

Alway finding….

December 23, 2013


The strangest little things turn up. This must have been a “waiting for something ” scribble. It’s aone of those blank, this pages that are put between pages of watercolor paper. I remember doing this on better paper and maybe even painting it. After all, somethings’s more appealing (to me) it’s kinda loose and barely there.
Anyway, I feel better having this blog and hopefully leave Facebook nearly for good. I never really felt it was right for me.
Okay, I have made a start.

April 2, 2007

dollsbakery in ParisMy Little Women dolls to the left. Below, I don’t know why, but this appeals to me for its crookedness and the weird colors.  Cose the colors with the usual randomosity.

March 10, 2007

I have to leave this, no journal of mine would be good without a color thing.

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I’m tired

March 10, 2007

Why did I stay up so late/early? Four A.M. is not good when you had grudgingly agreed to go prom dress shopping. Besides the fact that I don’t do Saturday mornings,  I was still disgusted with H’s friend for being so spineless with her boyfriend , who’s making her life miserable with his whiny possiveness. We used to get along really well, but now hewon’t even come into my apatment. Knows how disgusted I am with him, and is scared to face me, or so I hear. Imagine, me scary.

A lot of trying on took place and R
bought a couple of things. H was undecided though.
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